Sarmad Saeed PSP




Sarmad Saeed Khan

Police Service of Pakistan


Recent Posts:

IG Northern Areas (2005-07)

DPO RYK (2001-03)





About me:


I am a police officer and an enthusiastic worker in Community Policing and Human Rights. I have served in the United Nations Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Liberia.In the mission I have been teaching Human Rights, Community Policing, HIV/Aids and Stress Management


My hobbies are diverse:

floriculture,photography,hunting and shooting.If you are looking for latest information on various subjects and material for research, you may click download button.
Don't forget to visit: to see selected photographs exposed by me.

When I was a student, I tried to define myself in the following words:
Lost in the lines:
horizontal and vertical.
Slashed by the vectors:
negative and positive.
Strangled by the curves:
parabolic and hyperbolic;
I am suspended without resistence,
in the geometry of existence.
An oblique line drawn through my soul,
persuades me perpetually,
that I am actually,
diameterically opposed to the laws of existence,
And this network of lines invited my recalcetrance.
There is a point, point of intersection,
where meets my libido with world's mortido.
Here, I feel the needle,
needle of the compass,
at the center of my heart.
From here,concentric circles,
luminous expanding circles,
expanding to a circumference of infinite measure,

Presently, I am Deputy Commandant in National Police Academy, Islamabad.